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Top 10 DIY Home Treats for Great Skin

Top 10 DIY Home Treats for Great Skin

Every girl desires to have flawless skin, rather than opting for harsh creams which may contain harmful substances why not try out these safe DIY home treats. In making DIY home treats always bear in mind that fresh is always the best, so always try to buy organic, quality produce and only mix for one application. However, you can keep most mixtures refrigerated for a couple of days, but note that they will lose their smell and power over time.

NOTE: When applying face masks, always avoid the eye area, leave for up to 25-30 minutes to take effect, rinse off, and massage moisturiser over the skin to complete the treatment.

Top 10 DIY Home Treats for Great Skin


DIY remedies for great skin, home treats for great skin, flawless skinAcne Treatment: The cloves of garlic contain alkaline salts and sulphur compounds that are good for purifying the blood and clearing up blemished skin. (Put 12 unpeeled garlic cloves in a glass jar and add enough honey to cover)Leave to sit for a week before using-Honey is a natural preservative so this will keep indefinitely. This can be used to soothe sore throats as well. For a quick Acne or spot treatment, to draw out and heal blemishes, crush 2 cloves and mix with 1 tablespoon warm olive oil. Pat directly onto blemishes with a cotton bud,  leave for 30 minutes, rinse and slather moisturiser over your face.


DIY remedies for great skin, home treats for great skin, flawless skinDeep Facial Mask: Do you know that oats are rich in protein and minerals and, when finely ground into meal, they make an excellent face pack for drawing out impurities and softening skin? For a deep cleansing mask, to treat blemishes and blackheads, mix 3 tablespoons of finely ground oatmeal with enough natural yoghurt to make a thick paste. Apply and leave to dry for 20 minutes before rinsing off. For blemished patches, gently rub the dry mask into your skin with a fingertip before rinsing.


DIY remedies for great skin, home treats for great skin, flawless skinMoisturising Face Mask: Pure Honey is known to hydrate and soften skin and is a powerful natural antiseptic. This is why a jar of honey can sit for many years. For a moisturising face mask, beat 1 egg yolk in 1 teaspoon of olive oil for five minutes, then gradually whisk in a tablespoon of honey. Apply to face, leave for 20 minutes until dry, rinse off with warm water. 



DIY remedies for great skin, home treats for great skin, flawless skinSoftening and Tightening Face Pack: Do you know that the queen of France ordered 227kg of almonds yearly to keep her complexion supple, beautiful and enticing for her husband? Yes, the ground meal of the almond nut has been used for centuries. Almonds soothe, tone and soften skin. For a softening and tightening face pack, grind 50g of fresh almond nuts, mix 3 tablespoons with enough natural yoghurt or warm milk to make a thick paste. Leave for 10 minutes then apply to the face, and leave for up to 30  minutes until the mixture dries on your face. Rinse with cold water.



Dry Skin Exfoliator: Papaya is rich in Vitamin C, calcium and potassium. The flesh of the fruit contains papain which softens skin and speeds up metabolic rate ( Great for dieters). For a dry skin exfoliator to eliminate dry skin patches, grind the flesh(Minus the black seeds) of half a papaya until smooth, pour into a bowl. Blend the black seeds separately until they are coarse, place on a saucer. Slather the fruit mixture on your face, leave for a few minutes.  Then dip a damp cotton ball into the ground seeds until coated. Rub the ball in circles over dry skin. This is good for elbows, knees and rough patches.


Cleansing Face Pack: Tomato is loaded with vitamin A, B, C and mineral salts. The juice of fresh tomatoes is astringent as well as healing and toning. For a cleansing face pack to minimise pimples, blackheads, and open pores, blanch 2 fresh tomatoes, remove the skins and puree the flesh and seeds in a blender. Mix 4 tablespoons tomato puree with enough oatmeal to make a soft paste and apply to the face. Leave for half an hour, then gently rub or rinse off. 


Home treats fro great skin sunburn cucumber -healthandspicesblogOily Skin Toner: The Skin and flesh of cucumbers are rich in Vitamin C and mildly astringent, soothing and healing. For an oily skin toner, to reduce shine and tighten skin, chop a medium-sized, unpeeled cucumber and work it in a juice extractor. Chill the juice and wipe on the skin with a soaked cotton ball. It is also excellent for sunburn.   


DIY Home treats for great skin healthandspices blogMild Face Cleanser: The fruit is rich in Vitamins C, and A. The oil in orange rind is moisturising and the flesh is mildly astringent. For a mild face cleanser, especially for combination skins, finely peel an orange and dry the rind for two days in a warm place.  Then grind it to a fine powder ( You can use a blender) and mix with 1 heaped tablespoon almond meal.  Pulp the flesh and juice of a fresh orange in a blender, then add enough to the powdered mixture to make a thick paste. Apply to the face, avoiding the eyes, and leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes. Then rinse off. 


Skin Tightening and Refreshing Toner: The flesh and juice are loaded with Vitamins A and C, and is cooling with skin firming enzymes.  For skin tightening and refreshing toner, to treat mature skin or to alleviate stress or jet lag, place the flesh of a slice of watermelon in a strainer and extract all the juice into a bowl. Chill the juice and apply all over the face with a cotton ball, leave it to dry and the skin will tighten. 


Nourishing Face Pack: The flesh and juice of fresh peaches contain an enriching oil and moisturising enzymes. For a nourishing face pack to treat dry skin and soothe razor burn, work all but the stone of a peach in a blender until smooth. Pat on the skin with a cotton ball and leave to dry. Rinse off.



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