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6 Essential Oils that Improve Libido/Sexual Response

6 Essential Oils that Improve Libido/Sexual Response

Plant essential oils have been cultivated for their healing, cleansing, preservative and mood-enhancing properties for more than 6000 years. Essential oils are extracts from a variety of plants with powerful medicinal benefits. The oils and vapour of essential oils can have remarkable effects on the skin as well as mental and physical well-being. When applied to our body, they have the ability to travel through our fatty tissue, body cells, blood, lymph, and organs, before being naturally excreted.

6 Essential Oils that Improve Libido/Sexual Response

  1.  SANDALWOOD ( Santalum album)

    essential oils sexual response and libidoSandalwood has a rich, warm woody aroma. The sandalwood tree was burned as incense, used on funeral pyres and in religious ceremonies for centuries.  Today, it is used as a fixative in perfumes which gives the lingering classic base notes in many expensive perfumes. The essential oil acts as a sedative and stimulant. The sedative properties are good for treating depression and stress while the stimulant helps with loss of libido. It is regarded as an aphrodisiac.

    Use; Inhalation and Massage.  Sandalwood mMixes well with neroli, rose, clary sage, juniper, cinnamon, frankincense and ylang-ylang.

  2. CEDARWOOD (Juniperus virginiana) 

    essential oils sexual response and libidoSimilar to sandalwood, cedarwood oil was used by the Egyptians in the embalming process. Highly prized for its antiseptic properties, it became an important ingredient in cosmetics. The aroma is reminiscent of wooden pencils. It is used for skin problems such as acne, alopecia and dandruff and respiratory problems like bronchitis and catarrh. It helps improve sexual response. Use; Inhalation and Massage. Cedarwood mixes well with cypress, juniper and rose  


    This oil can irritate skin in high concentrations.

  3. JASMINE ( Jasminum officinale) 

    essential oils sexual response and libidoJasmine has one of the richest, romantic and exotic aromas, yet not overpowering.  It is used in all the great classic perfumes because of its effect on men and women alike. The enchanting Marilyn Monroe boasted that she wore only Chanel 5  in bed ( which has strong jasmine note). Jasmine, essential oil is uplifting, relaxing, and an aphrodisiac. It has a reputation for the treatment of both frigidity and impotence.Use; Inhalation, bathing and massage. It makes a delightful uplifting perfume or room spray. Jasmine mixes well with most other oils.

  4. PATCHOULI ( Pogostemon patchouli) 

    essential oils sexual response and libidoPatchouli has a heavy, sweet-spicy, woody, intense scent. Its essential oil stimulates in small amounts and sedates when used generously. It is good for keeping awake or arousing a sexual response in between. Use; Inhalation, baths and massage. Note that small quantities will have a stimulating effect while a higher quantity will sedate. It is often worn as perfume and used for an erotic, sensual massage. Patchouli mixes well with rose, lavender or geranium.


  5. CINNAMON (Cinnamonmum zeylanicum)

    essential oils sexual response and libidoThis spice recorded in the Old Testament and is known to be one of the oldest spices used by Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. It has a strong, spicy aroma and taste which can be used to uplift mood. The essential oil contains eugenol, a powerful antiseptic and an aphrodisiac. It is useful for fatigue and depression. It is equally good for loss of libido and may also help with impotence. Use; Inhalation and Massage. Cinnamon is best used alone but mixes well with sandalwood.

  6. YLANG-YLANG ( Cananga odorata) 


    essential oils sexual response and libidoYlang-ylang first medicinal uses were to treat malaria, soothe insect bites and fight infections. Ylang-ylang is one of the most aromatic oils and it affects the emotions and mind. It is an exciting aphrodisiac that stimulates the senses, yet it has a relaxing, hypnotic effect. It is good for calming nervous tension, lifting negative moods, irritability and loss of libido. Use; Baths and Massage. This oil can soothe away all forms of stress when used as a bath oil or massage onto the body. Ylang-Ylang mixes well with bergamot, Melissa, sandalwood and jasmine.


 Essential oils should not be consumed. They are so potent, it is strongly recommended that you dilute before applying to the skin.

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